The Blackboard is Back!

The Blackboard is Back!
July 9, 2019

By Angela Crowe

The old icon of last century learning has made a return… but not as we know it.

A clever, light and portable LCD version of the blackboard, the skwigglePAD offers teachers a new one-on-one medium of instruction  …or simply for children to express their creativity.

Appropriate for young learners with little hands, the skwigglePAD is strong and sturdy and has a clear to read screen. The 10″ model is perfect for one on one, individual centred learning.

It is great for individual and small group intervention. For example, for use with handwriting practice, the students could first look at an example displayed on the teacher’s skwigglePAD, and copy the teacher’s example repeatedly until perfection is reached.

The children could also use the skwigglePAD for spelling attempts, for example using ‘look, cover, write, check‘ without wasting copious amounts of paper.  A fun way to learn… it could even be used for writing quick answers to quizzes. The only limit is your imagination.

Another plus is that this can be done in a mess free way.

There are no more:

  • pens or markers bleeding ink,
  • messy chalk dust,
  • dirty cleaning cloths…
  • or disposing of reams of paper.

With the press of a button the skwigglePAD is quickly and perfectly cleaned of content.

Learn more about the 12″ skwigglePAD.

Angela Crowe MEd (Ed Intervention) BEd (Prim&Sec) BAppSci (Hlth Promo) Reading Recovery Teacher / Literacy Leader